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The Leatherhead Food News suite of databases is a unique source of information for the food and drinks industry, which is exclusively available to Leatherhead’s members. They include Science and News, and are populated by our team of specialists who abstract around 1,900 Science and 1,500 News records every month, taken from about 400 key industry journals, as well as books, patents and media sources.  The suite of databases also includes a Market database containing historical market records between 1982 and 31 December 2015. The abstracts are fully searchable and the full text of most journal articles can be purchased via a link to the publisher's website. In the case of patents, there is a link to the original document.

  • News offers a summary of all the latest news relevant to the food and drinks industry going back to 1985. The Daily News email is free to all members; the archive is free to Silver, Gold and Platinum members (single user) and available by subscription to Bronze members. The archive is also available by subscription for additional users of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. The archive is not available to Small Business members.
  • Science provides a wealth of information on food science and technology from 1972 onwards. All members (excluding Small Business members) of Leatherhead Food Research are entitled to complimentary access to the current month of Science for unlimited users. The full Science database is available by subscription to members with prices based on the number of users.
  • Market gives concise abstracts of published literature packed with useful market statistics as well as new retail products in the UK and novel products worldwide from 1985 to 31/12/2015. Full closed database available by subscription to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum members only.

You can contact the helpdesk on +44 (0)1372 822245 (email to request more information on any of the Leatherhead Food databases or to request a reminder of your username and password. Please contact the helpdesk if you have any problems logging on, or any questions or comments.

Monthly Patent Editorial
Recent patent coverage on meat substitutes

Many individuals would consider changing their habits in order to lose weight or reduce their risk of disease, but change can be difficult, as many people habitually buy the same foods and use the same recipes. So, even when people are aware that they could make changes that would improve their personal well-being, they may still find it difficult to give up old habits. In recent years, consumers have also been urged to consider the environmental impact of their diets. The concept of food miles was introduced in the 1990s, highlighting the increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to globalisation of food supply chains and the associated increase in distances that foods are transported. Food packaging, which plays an important role in maintaining the quality and safety of foods, is also a major contributor to household waste. In order to reduce the environmental impact, many food manufacturers use recyclable packaging where possible and consumers are advised to look for products with minimal packaging. More recently, environmental groups warning that dietary changes are needed to prevent further increase in global warming have focused on meat production. As well as deforestation due to the need for greater areas of pasture, more land is needed to grow feed crops; and livestock are major contributors to methane in the atmosphere.

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Scientific literature and patent reviews

Breaking Food Industry News

Easter eggs increase in price but size shrinks.

Teenager''s death may have been reaction to takeaway meal.

Metal spike in Aldi steak.

Leatherhead Food Research News : 09/01/2017

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